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Acapulco, “the Pearl of the Mexican Pacific”, is a tropical paradise tucked away in the southwestern state of Guerrero. One of the world’s legendary tourism destinations, Acapulco is currently seeing a new wave of prosperity, with new, exclusive land developments where international and Mexican celebrities keep luxurious residences.

 Acapulco is a name to conjure with on all five continents. Evoking fun-in-the-sun, glamour and non-stop night life, movies, T-shirts, cocktails, songs, perfumes, streets, souvenirs, bars and books carry this glittering port city’s name. Acapulco’s charms are irresistible and once you get to know it, you’ll understand why.

 In 1900 it took a week to reach Acapulco from the country’s capital. But with the first paved road built in 1926, a handful of intrepid travelers pioneered the way for the 11 million tourists who now visit every year. Today, the journey takes only 45 minutes by plane from Mexico City.

 By the late-1940s, North American tourists – prevented from traveling to war-torn Europe – had begun to discover Acapulco’s beautiful bay, golden sands and verdant mountain scenery.

The construction of an international airport and a superhighway soon prompted the rise of the great hotels of the sixties. These architectural novelties, along with glitzy night clubs, hip restaurants and prime real estate, drew everyone from Hollywood stars to royalty to the port’s palm-fringed beaches.

During this decade Acapulco’s worldwide fame was secured as the tourism mecca, competing only with the French Riviera.

Today Acapulco is one of Mexico’s most alluring recreational hotspots


Its glinting sapphire waters are graced with everything from dolphins to cruise liners. Two huge tropical lagoons – Tres Palos and Coyuca – lie on either side of the city, dense with mangroves and birdlife, where shrimp fishermen still make a living by throwing out their nets. This visual haven, along with varied water sports and seaside activities and a glamorous nightlife, maintain the fame that has built up over five decades. Taking care of the millions of foreigners and Mexicans who make Acapulco their temporary home, the authorities have ensured a reliable security team to guarantee visitors’ safety.

Acapulco’s bounties include a stable sunny climate, delightfully-warm ocean and the stunning Sierra Madre, which provides the backdrop for more than 20 beaches that line the crescent shaped bay. Its little-known sea world includes whales often sighted in winter near the famous Roqueta Island, as well as sailfish, barracuda, marlin, mackerel and pompano. Sea turtles come to Acapulco’s shores to lay their eggs and baby turtle release programs are carried out along the magnificent Revolcadero Beach, an unforgettable experience for both children and adults.

 The port’s cosmopolitan flair makes it a natural home for world-class cultural and artistic festivals, such as the French Cine Festival and Aca Fashion, while the respected Acapulco Philharmonic delights music lovers from around the world. Its attractions are so wide-ranging that this eternally seductive city can satisfy nearly every passion under the sun: deep sea fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, gliding and paragliding, windsurfing, jet-skiing, bungee, boat trips out to sea and on the nearby lagoons, or speed-boat rides along the River Papagayo.

And of course Acapulco has excellent tennis courts and internationally renowned golf courses, which have hosted numerous tournaments and World Cup events.


While Acapulco is best known for being a hub for limitless entertainment and jet set paradise, it is also rich in history, art and monuments that testify to the legacy of centuries gone by.  The interactive history museum in the Fort of San Diego contains bilingual explanations of Acapulco’s unique role in the spice trade from the late 16th century onwards.

 Despite the pace of change, this fascinating city has maintained its local cultures, from musical tradition, dance, cuisine and colorful markets. The world-famous Cliff Divers of La Quebrada still stage their breath-taking show five times a day, exquisite craft ware and textiles from the remote villages of Guerrero beckon shoppers, while exotic rituals are celebrated in the intriguing Mask Museum. Visitors and residents count themselves lucky to have such variety at their fingertips, from gleaming new developments in Acapulco’s new Diamond Zone to the shady cathedral square bustling with activity in the old town, known as Acapulco Tradicional, where it all started.

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