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  How do we get to Acapulco?
Acapulco is located on the southwestern Pacific Coast of Mexico, 3 ½ hours driving time from México City. Approximately 160 weekly flights connect Acapulco to principal world cities during the summer season. The number of flights increase significantly during the winter season.

Six national and three international airlines operate direct flights to and from the Acapulco International Airport, from and to México City, Guadalajara and Tijuana, and also Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Houston.
  What is the weather like in Acapulco?
The average daily temperature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degress Celsius) year round and rarely gets below 75 degrees (24 degrees Celsius) in the evening. The summer tropical rains (June to October) usually begin in the late afternoon or evening.
  My spouse and I are considering retiring in Mexico. Are there good medical facilities in Acapulco?
Acapulco does have private medical centers and doctors who are more than capable, some of them trained in the US. When involved in a trauma accident or in case of severe illness, we recommend returning to the United States or going to México City for attention. Also Air Ambulance Insurance is available. This is helpful and inexpensive. Medical insurance policies are low priced and can be obtained locally.
  Is Acapulco a safe place?
The tourist areas of Acapulco are considered very safe at any hour of the day or night. Visitors should not wander into the suburbs unless accompanied by a guide.
  What are the average salaries for staff at home?
One of the great advantages of living or spending vacations in Acapulco is the possibility of having people to take care of the duties at home. Approximate monthly salaries are the following:
Houseman: between $ 4,000 and 6,000 pesos
(approximately USD 420 and 630)
Cook: between $ 3,600 and 4,500 pesos
(approximately USD 380 and 480)
Maid: between $ 2,400 and 3,600 pesos
(approximately USD 250and 380)
  As a foreigner, am I able to buy a property? Is there a legal way to do so?
Yes, you can through bank trust (fideicomiso). All foreigners in Mexico hold property in this manner and our Sales Office will be pleased to give you more detailed information.
  I am considering a second home, can I get a furnished property?
Most of the properties we offer are furnished.
  What are the taxes that a property owner must pay?
Taxes are paid annually and they represent approximately 0.5% per annum of the price paid for the property.
  What are the average utility and maintenance expenses of a property?
Utility services are not expensive. At this point we may suggest you to contact our property administration company, PRODASA, which will manage your property and handle all of your property expenses and maintenance for a fee of about US$ 450.00 per month.
  Can you help me repair or remodel up the property or recommend local architects?
Among the services our Administration company, PRODASA, provides are maintenance, repairs, remodeling and supervision. There are good local architects and decorators whom we can recommend.
  What can we do in Acapulco?
There is something to do for everyone, from beautiful beaches to amazing night clubs. You can enjoy water sports, golf, tennis, fishing, gourmet restaurants, bingo, bowling, movie theaters and much more.
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